About us

Roe & Rifle Premium Hunting – your gateway to hunting experiences in Austria, Hungary, Romania and many other countries, following the long standing traditions of those countries.

Who we are?

We are a team of passionate Austrian and Hungarian hunters, coming from families with hunting background, who are dedicated to keep up the great traditions that have been established over centuries.

That includes hunting styles, as well as surrounding traditions, like honoring of the game, but
also the traditionally great hospitality and cuisine.

We are convinced, that is an experience worth sharing with others and something, that cannot be provided by just „shooting animals“.
Therefore we decided to found a small agency able to create individual hunting experiences,
living up to our own expectations. Part of that is of course only offering hunting areas and accommodations we are personally familiar with.

A remark, that with a lot of offers on the internet you get „unlimited trophy size“, „all-inclusive“ packages, that then turn out to be nothing else than a super expensive walk through the forest,as you‘ll never see those big trophies, or get them shown, or there are a lot of hidden costs, like stalking fees, hunting license, food, etc. While with us what you see is what you get.


Contact us now to discuss your wishes and create an individual offer!